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Compensating for the size of my dick …
Old School Entry

Little bit of fumbling when inserting the fresh mag.

This one is faster, about 2 rounds a second.

Look what I got for $206.99 out the door. 1952 made Ithaca 37 Featherlight 12 Gauge with a barrel cut to 19 inches and a bead and sling swivel installed. 4+1 but it feeds mini-shells and will slam fire.

Hopefully picking up this Ithaca 37 for $225 tomorrow. Pics if I do.

On Call Of Dooty Like

AKM Minus Pistol Grip

This is to answer some questions people had on the other post. No I’m not waiting to get the pistol grip, I have two I could put on it. In fact if you look back you can see this same WASR with two different pistol grips. This is my 2 MOA WASR-10. 

Yes, I can reach the trigger, and no, I don’t have long fingers. It’s not even that much of a stretch, you just choke up on the stock a bit.

Why did I do it? Because it looked interesting with that grenade launcher on the muzzle and a drum mag in place. Looks like an LMG of some sort. 

No, I’m not in any kind of restricted state, Washington State has mostly decent gun laws all things considered. 

And someone wanted to see it with a normal AK mag, so here it is.


POS WASR Strikes Again

For being the rifle I’ve never really liked, the one I just have to (literally) kick around, this WASR 10 is capable of some pretty decent accuracy. I didn’t know how adding a Yugo rifle grenade launcher would effect the accuracy, but it looks like it has helped. I think the barrel harmonics are altered in a positive way due to the grenade launcher. 

All these groups were shot sitting at 50 yards, iron sights, no wind. The good groups are all 124 Gr Wolf ammo, ball, hollow point, and soft point were all shot, the worst of these being soft point. the second to last picture is showing the worst group of the day, my rifle just did not like this PPU 123 Gr brass cased ball ammo. It’s pretty but my rifle hates it. That group was horrible, it’s what people usually expect from a WASR. 

The last picture was the best group of the day, a 1 inch group, shot with Wolf ball ammo. 

So there it is, I have a 2 MOA WASR 10. I need a 10 round mag and a magnified optic and it will be a decent DMR.

WASR With Yugoslavian Grenade Launcher

Uses blanks to launch all standard NATO 22mm rifle grenades.

(NOTE: Because the AK platform rifle lacks a gas cut-off, when firing grenades 
some of the gasses will be diverted and the rifle will attempt to cycle. Recommend that single rounds be loaded and magazine be removed.)

The 1911


I shot this 5-shot group at 50m using my shitty WASR-10. It’s 2 inches at 50m which is 4 MOA, iron sights. I was using cheap Tul-Ammo, and I wasn’t really trying for extreme accuracy, just trying to get an idea of how it would shoot. Scoped, with good ammo, from a bench, and with a day that isn’t as windy as it was today, I bet I could cut that group size in half, giving me a 2 MOA WASR-10. 

Second picture is my “shooting rest” I shot the groups from.

Third is another 5-shot group with the wind pushing it laterally.

Fourth picture is another 5 rounds on top of the group in the picture above it.