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BudK $22 KukriThis came so dull it wasn’t even funny. But the steel is really really good, high carbon stuff. Rumor is these are made from leaf springs of old cars and trucks. I took it into work and redid the entire grind and edge on the belt sander, making sure to keep it cool. Also did a lot of smoothing on the handle, and tightened up the rivets that hold the whole thing together. Then I took it down to a 1500 grit stone and made it hair-popping sharp. After all the work it’s actually a decent blade.
Gurkha Patrol
Just remembered that I did this thing.
In my defense it came to me missing the rear sight so I did what I could. 
I miss this AK.
No one gives me shit when I’m on my way to take a shit.
M91/30’s + M44

2.25 MOA 

1934 Hex Izhevsk Mosin Nagant M91/30 
147 Gr Steel Core Light Ball Surplus 
250 Meters, Prone, Iron Sights, Bayonet Fixed, No Wind

Works out to be 275 yards, 6 inch group, 6/2.75 = 2.18, round up to 2.25 MOA to make it easy.

The thing is that far right is actually a flyer from my last five shots that I fired semi-rapidly, so if I eliminated it it would bring the group into 1.4 MOA.

Decent for an 80 year old rifle, surplus ammo, and shitty iron sights.

Mad Hour