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M91/30’s + M44

2.25 MOA 

1934 Hex Izhevsk Mosin Nagant M91/30 
147 Gr Steel Core Light Ball Surplus 
250 Meters, Prone, Iron Sights, Bayonet Fixed, No Wind

Works out to be 275 yards, 6 inch group, 6/2.75 = 2.18, round up to 2.25 MOA to make it easy.

The thing is that far right is actually a flyer from my last five shots that I fired semi-rapidly, so if I eliminated it it would bring the group into 1.4 MOA.

Decent for an 80 year old rifle, surplus ammo, and shitty iron sights.

Mad Hour

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Mosin’s For Dayssssss1934 Hex Izhevsk M91/301939 Round Tula M91/301942 Round Izhevsk M91/301945 Round Izhevsk M44

operatin on the daily 

finna gon operate

420 operate it fgt



CAS Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi

Dat Bakelite

Double Take
Yes, that’s an M91/30 in an M44 stock …